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The Market Gardener Masterclass is an online course that provides precise written and video instruction, to give you the exact methodology, tools and techniques needed to grow crops successfully in a context of heightened efficiency.

  • Learn from the best

  • Acquire a methodology

  • Optimize your crops

  • Instructions for every vegetable

Everything you need to know to

  • Work fewer hours

  • Increase the quality of your produce & make more profit

  • Enjoy better quality of life

Course curriculum

    1. The Market Gardener Masterclass

    2. Welcome!

    3. Survey : How Can We Help You in Your Learning Journey?

    1. Connect to the Market Gardener Community 🌱

    2. Welcome to the Masterclass Community!

    1. How to Use this Course

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    1. Mission & Goals Tutorial

    2. Mission & Goals Worksheet

    3. Share Your Mission & Goals

    1. Crop Planning Tutorial

    2. Crop Planning Technical Sheet

    3. Heirloom: Revolutionize Your Crop Planning with this App.

    4. Complete Guide to Heirloom Tutorial

    5. Succession Crop Planning Technical Sheet

    6. Crop Planning Tool Explained by Alice

    7. Advanced and Dynamic Crop Planning Google sheets

    8. Direct Seeding Chart (for Print)

    9. Nursery & Transplant Chart (for Print)

    10. Static Crop Planning Google Sheets

    11. Crop Planning Q&A

    1. BCS Walk-Behind Tractor Tutorial

    2. BCS Maintenance Tutorial

    3. BCS Maintenance Technical Sheet

    4. Black Silage Tarps Tutorial

    5. Black Silage Tarps Technical Sheet

    6. Permanent Raised Beds Tutorial

    7. Cultivating Tools Tutorial

    8. Six-Row Seeder Tutorial

    9. How to transform a Jang-3 into a Jang-5 Tutorial

    10. Seeders and Direct Seeding Technical Sheet

    11. Flame Weeding Tutorial

    12. Flame Weeding Technical Sheet

    13. Tool Shed Tour

    14. The List of Recommended Tools and Equipment

    15. Special Offers from our Partners

    16. The Tool Shed Q&A

The Market Gardener Masterclass

  • $2,250.00
  • 267 lessons
  • 36.5 hours of video content

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